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Training and social time for pups under 6 months.

Offered at Alberta on Saturdays.

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Our staple service. 


Offered at Alberta



Offered at Kenton


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Enrichment Group

Small group day training and social.

Offered at Alberta on Saturdays.

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At Mother Pupper we pride ourselves in being more than just a doggy daycare. We incorporate enrichment, manners, play, decompression, confidence building, and relationship building in every day spent with your dog.  We are observant of body language, transparent with you, and are quick to mention any changes or challenges that arise with your pup. We work with each dog on their social interactions with other dogs, people, and general manners to continue to help them grow and be the very best companion they can be, in and out of the daycare environment! 

Daycare Info

Enrichment Group

Smaller group drop off socials for the dogs who need a little more one-on-one with a trainer.


Enrichment Group provides additional structure, and has an average dog to staff ratio of just four to one with a cap at 10 dogs. Dogs participate in training games to assist in basic obedience and impulse control, treadmill work, agility games, confidence building activities, and have carefully monitored socials with the other pups in the group.

Enrichment Group is every Saturday from 8:45am to 12:30pm at our Alberta location.


It is recommended to enroll in 4 sessions minimum for your pup to get the most out of their time with us. 


Enrichment Group attendees cannot be aggressive towards people or other dogs.

Enrichment Group

Puppy Socials

Sessions are 45 minutes long and have a max capacity of 8 puppies with 2-3 trainers on staff, this is a drop off style class. Puppies work on confidence building activities, training games, and building appropriate play. Specific care will be taken to work on each puppy's recall, the most important command! 

What Peole Say
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What People Say

Mother Pupper (MP) is different from most dog daycares. They are exceptional. At risk of creating more competition for my pup, the amazing folks of MP deserve some kudos, and people searching for a healthy experience for their pup deserve to know about MP.

As someone who used to work at a high end daycare, I NEVER thought I'd ever take one of my own dogs to a doggie daycare. The environment is extremely stressful for most pups, and folks who work the floor are often well intentioned dog lovers, but often don't understand dog behavior. The goal is just to manage chaos and break up dog fights.
And then there's Mother Pupper. They have created an environment that makes it possible for a variety of dogs to thrive. We recently adopted a young mutt who is sweet, anxious, and a ton of energy. We came across MP searching for boarding options, and were intrigued by their unique approach to daycare. You can read about it on their website, but the proof is in my pup: she is more confident because she is set up for success through supervised play and structure; she is SO excited- not anxious- to arrive at MP every week because she knows what to expect from the same humans and dogs (her pack!); and we have peace of mind knowing that MP staff is reinforcing her training, monitoring her excitement, and prioritizing her well being- which could mean taking a break!
This isn't fancy marketing hiding a chaotic environment, hoping your dog likes it. This is a mentally and physically engaging experience for your dog with some stellar dog trainers and staff. The customer service is excellent, the clients are community, and they've changed my mind about doggie daycare. It's truly more than that.

Our Team
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Our Team



Co-Owner + Trainer

Prior to owning, Zoe worked at our facility for over a year as the Head Trainer. Zoe's background includes horse training, extensive rescue volunteer work, and years of dog training and boarding experience through her other biz, Rascal Training. She knew at a young age that she wanted to pursue a career in the dog industry and is enthused to bring a new approach to the doggy daycare industry with Mother Pupper. 


Zoe is consistently continuing her education via seminars, shadowing other trainers, and extensive research on how the canine mind works. She is currently working towards a certification in Canine Nutrition. 


Co-Owner + Operations Manager

Haley is a Portland native, born and raised. Prior to owning, she worked at our facility for 6 years as a receptionist, K9 handler, and manager. To say the least, her love of dogs of all shapes and sizes has been lifelong. Ever since she was a little girl she had the habit of fangirling over every dog she saw, asking the obvious question, “Can I pet your dog?!” 


When she is not fawning over her dog friends, Haley loves the arts, specifically theater and painting. She studied Acting for two years and graduated with the class of 2020 at Portland Actors Conservatory, something she has always dreamed of achieving. Haley hopes to have it all now, working at Mother Pupper by day and pursuing the arts post shift. She is happy to offer her paintings for sale in our retail area and online store!

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Manager - Alberta

Emily has worked at dog boarding and doggy daycare facilities for over four years, as well as a dog walker and assistant trainer for Columbia Dog Training.

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K9 Handler - Alberta

Kenlee comes to us with over a year of previous experience in the daycare industry and is excited to be at a smaller facility. When she is not playing with her dog, she spends her free time drawing and painting.

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K9 Handler

Mia is a dog enthusiast with over four years of pet care experience including from veterinary and training facilities. She is currently finishing her degree in biology.

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Manager - Kenton

Madison grew up on a farm caring for and training hunting dogs. We are so excited that someone with her expertise joined our team and she is excited to continue to expand on her dog training knowledge!

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K9 Handler

Malia graduated from OSU with a major in Zoology. She comes to us with previous rescue and daycare experience and trained her own pup, Molly.



Our OG location, conveniently located in the Alberta Arts district at 1215 NE Alberta St. 

The play space is over 2800 square feet and was constructed specifically for dogs to play safely in. This includes 1000 square feet of spacious outdoor play areas used to potty, sunbathe, enjoy the fresh air, and do zoomies!​

Alberta offers Daycare Monday-Friday and Enrichment Group and Puppy Socials on Saturdays.


Our recent addition! Conveniently located in the heart of the Kenton neighborhood at 2030 N Willis, just look for the Paul Bunyan statue! 

The play space is over 4000 square feet and was constructed specifically for dogs to play safely in. This includes 2000 square feet of spacious outdoor play areas used to potty, sunbathe, enjoy the fresh air, and do zoomies! 

Kenton offers daycare on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. More days and services available soon!

Both facilities are equipped with play structures that are available both inside and outside to jump on, run around, duck under, or tunnel through.  We also have collapsible fences we use to combine or divide the play environments as needed throughout the day, allowing us to better suit the needs of the dogs in attendance.​ The partially covered outdoor areas keep pups dry in rain and shaded in the sun. In the summer, we have a well-ventilated indoors with lots of air conditioners, air purifiers, and fans as well as wading pools and misters outside to keep our furry clients cool. 

Mother Pupper prides itself on our commitment to keeping the space clean and healthy for your beloved pet. Extensive cleaning is done nightly with veterinary-grade cleaners and disinfectants. These products have been carefully selected to be both environmentally sustainable and harmless to the dogs when they return in the morning.

The Space
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