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Dog Handler: 

This is not your typical chaotic free-for-all type daycare environment. We have regular weekly attendance for all of our canine clients. We focus on facilitating healthy play, assisting dogs with settling naturally, upholding manners, and teaching co-existence rather than creating habits of over excitement. Various forms of continued education is provided for all staff members. Small, supportive, close knit team.

Experience is a plus, but not necessary. Most importantly we are looking for someone who is committed to expanding their knowledge on dog behavior who may want a future in the dog industry. 

This is a M-F position with the occasional half day on Saturday. Between 30-36 hours/week.

Sick Time/PTO. Starting at $16 hour. 

Job duties include but are not limited to: dog handling, cleaning, basic software use, answering calls, customer service. Applicants must be able and willing to stand for the majority of their shift (6-8 hours) and lift 50 pounds.

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