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Dog Gone Happy (DGH) is different from most dog daycares. They are exceptional. At risk of creating more competition for my pup, the amazing folks of DGH deserve some kudos, and people searching for a healthy experience for their pup deserve to know about DGH.

As someone who used to work at a high end daycare, I NEVER thought I'd ever take one of my own dogs to a doggie daycare. The environment is extremely stressful for most pups, and folks who work the floor are often well intentioned dog lovers, but often don't understand dog behavior. The goal is just to manage chaos and prevent dog fights.
And then there's Dog Gone Happy. They have created an environment that makes it possible for a variety of dogs to thrive. We recently adopted a young mutt who is sweet, anxious, and a ton of energy. We came across DGH searching for boarding options, and were intrigued by their unique approach to daycare. You can read about it on their website, but the proof is in my pup: she is more confident because she is set up for success through supervised play and structure; she is SO excited- not anxious- to arrive at DGH every week because she knows what to expect from the same humans and dogs (her pack!); and we have peace of mind knowing that DGH staff is reinforcing her training, monitoring her excitement, and prioritizing her well being- which could mean taking a break!
This isn't fancy marketing hiding a chaotic environment, hoping your dog "likes" it. This is a mentally and physically engaging experience for your dog with some stellar dog trainers and staff. The customer service is excellent, the clients are community, and they've changed my mind about doggie daycare. It's truly more than that.
-Kellyn Baez

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Our dog has been going to Dog Gone Happy for about 2 years and loves it!

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